Bedanya Pingback dan Trackback

Salah dua dari beberapa jenis Backlink adalah Pingback dan Trackback. Berikut cara membedakan ke dua tipe backlink tersebut :

What is a Trackback?

Trackbacks give bloggers the ability to communicate between websites. Its almost like one person saying to another “This is something you may be interested in”. The best way to think about this is a Youtube Response video. So for example:

– We write a post on our blog.
– You want to comment on our post, but you want your own readers to see what you have to say and able to comment on it.
– You will then write a post on your blog and send a trackback to our blog post.
– We will receive your trackback, and choose to display it as a comment or not. The comment display will be a title, excerpt and a link to your blog post.

What is a Pingback?

pingback backlink

Pingbacks give softwares the ability communicate between websites. Its almost like remote comments.

– We write a post on our blog.
– You write a post on your blog mentioning/linking to our article.
– Your blogging software will automatically send us a pingback.
– Our blogging software will receive the pingback. It will then automatically go to your blog to confirm that the pingback originates there (the link is present).
– Then we will have the ability to display your pingback as our comment. This will solely be a link to your site.

Pingbacks also work within your site. So if one of your posts link to another post, then your WordPress will send a self-ping. This can get really annoying.

What is the difference between Trackbacks and Pingbacks?

– Trackbacks are manual whereas Pingbacks are automatic (different communication technology).
– Pingbacks do not send any content. In trackbacks an excerpt of the content is sent.

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